Multi-Tool Kit 37pcs

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Product details of Multi-Tool Kit 37PCS

  • Multi tool for all jobs
  • Sawing , cutting , sanding and more
  • Powerful oscillating engine
  • Ideal for metal, wood. tile, plastic and more
  • Protection Class: Double Insulation

Alibaba China supplier renovate deluxe multi tool

 The multi-tool kit with 37 accessories is one of the most versatile and effective power tools with variable speed, it is a true model of versatility: it cuts, saws and sands. The tool has a wide range of applications from cutting and sawing wood, plastic and metal to sanding, scraping and de-grouting. Even in the tightest of corners and edges, it can be used thanks to its ergonomic design and hand accessories. The tool is easy to use because you have a secure and soft grip on the tool for optimal handling at all times. All tool accessories for it can be fixed at the appropriate angle with no risk of slipping. Tool changes are easy with a single fixing bolt. The more you work with it, the more you will appreciate its abilities: its handiness and power, and its manoeuvrability in tight spaces. You are sure to come up with countless ways of using it.

What¨¹s in the box

  • 1 * The Renovator Multi-Tool Kit
  • 1 * E-Saw Blade HP05
  • 1 * E-Cut Saw Blade HP09
  • 1 * Triangular Rasp HP46
  • 1 * E-Cut Saw Blade HP15
  • 1 * E-Cut Saw Blade HP07
  • 1 * Delta Sanding Pad HP50
  • 1 * Diamond Cutting Blade HP40
  • 1 * E-Cut Saw Blade HP32
  • 1 * E-Cut Saw Blade HP08
  • 1 * Semi-circular Grout Blade HP47
  • 1 * Semi-circular Saw Blade HP37
  • 1 * E-Scraper Blade HP41
  • 1 * Buffer Pad BP10
  • 24 * Sand Paper